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What to Expect from
Contents Solutions Inc.

Contents Solutions Service
We will :

  • Be your eyes and ears.
  • Give you immediate response 24/7 when you call (914) 250 – 1414
  • Acknowledgement of assignment via email or fax
  • 24 hour contact from receipt of assignment
  • 72 hour initial inspection of contents
  • Status reports on a 15 day interval until contents report completed/fully assessed.
  • Thoroughly investigate your claims and assess your contents damages, per your specific service instructions, in a timely manner.
  • Perform on-the-scene take offs, to include digital photographs and video including, preservation of repairable contents and any other claim requirements.

We are fully automated to accept your claims and send reports and photos via e-mail at, or Contents Solutions (CSI) uses the most up-to-date, supported software to assure accurate estimates of personal property damages.

Using (a leading industry software), we can conduct the following services;

Full Contents Adjustments

This service includes:

  • Conducting the scope of the contents at the loss location by detailing each personal property object room by room.
  • Capturing photos of each room and all of its contents to ensure accurate count of contents.
  • Each article is documented in detail (when possible) to allow for precise pricing of the items.
  • Our scope of contents will be supported with data easily accessible via links to line items on scope sheet for easy reference.
  • A CD along with a photo sheet will be submitted as a part of the claim assignment package on a full adjustment.
  • We have the resources to conduct a full scope based on like kind and quality, our evaluation team can research the replacement costs with the pricing documentation which will be provided to you. This will expedite the settlement of your claim.
  • A completed report will be generated and submitted to you via email/fax/mail.

Take off of contents Loss Only Scope Contents

This service Includes:

  • Our office will provide you with a complete detailed scope of the contents claim along with photographs of the loss
  • Pricing will be left open for adjustment by Adjuster

Audit Contents

This service is useful when the scope of the inventory has already been obtained by the insured or a public adjuster or if the contents are not able to be inspected.

  • Our office will log the submitted replacement costs, apply necessary coverage limits as well as calculating the actual cash value. Our detailed spreadsheet can provide you with the replacement costs per room, major category/sub-category or additional specific information required to assist in fairly evaluating the insured’s/customers contents claim submission.
  • Pricing will be affixed to our audit for your review and comparison of the claim submitted. This will assist in a rapid settlement and closure of your personal property portion of your claim.

Photos only of damaged personal property can also be provided.

  • We can also conduct an initial inspection where a photo and video of the loss site and its contents are taken for your review and handling.

Our clients deserve what we provide:

  • Proficient job scheduling and service
  • Offer respect and compassion to the property owner’s situation

Conduct business with honesty, integrity and dependability.